Gear Head Punk Rock and Roll, More Songs about Love & Motorcycles, Seriously Fellas – Enough’s Enough

Two new stompers from Vancouver’s premier theremin-based garage-punk moto Jerks. The die cut circular cover makes sure it’s difficult to store and display! These knuckle-draggers get even more primitive than we’ve seen them in the past on the A-Side’s “A Tiger In The Night” (you decide if that’s a good thing.) The dirty name-droppers (Steve McQueen, The Mummies) fill the other A-Side with “Full Leathers” – a pretty little song about riding motorcycles with pals, and dreams of miss-spent youth greased up in the garage. Recorded by Adam Payne (Bishop’s Green / The Bad Beats).

The Core Competencies Of Napalmpom by Napalmpom

A much anticipated follow-up to 2014’s celebrated riff-heavy debut The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom,the sophomore long player is a confident collection of hook-filled songs that manages to avoid playing simple rock & roll dress-up. By combining a genuine love of the big, guitarmony-filled 70s (think: Thin Lizzy, Queen, Boston) with thoughtful ruminations on the more eye-rolling tropes of the genre, musical and cultural, Napalmpom’s latest lands somewhere between rock revival and genuine indie rock songwriting.

Initially imagined as a rock opera about the public and creative personalities of two seemingly very different iconic rockers – Axl Rose and Paul Westerberg – as told through the eyes of Guns N’ Roses/The Replacements member Tommy Stinson (to have been titled Tommy), the idea was quickly scrapped to make way for a collection of songs truer to what Napalmpom does best: write joyous, guitar-heavy, unashamed pop anthems about light subjects like love and death and living up to expectations with integrity.

The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom


cd-napalmpomNapalmpom is a rock & roll band. No, Napalmpom is the rock & roll band. Picture MC5 bombast with Thin Lizzy dual harmony guitars, AC/DC showmanship, hooks only The Exploding Hearts could write and the down-to-earthedness of early Black Flag. Perfect band, right? Well, they’re not that band, but are pretty damn close.

Having already proven themselves as a jaw-dropping live force – a self-contained party unit – they’ve just finished up their debut LP, The Unconditional Love Of   to be released September 2014!