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The Unconditional Love Of Napalmpom


cd-napalmpomNapalmpom is a rock & roll band. No, Napalmpom is the rock & roll band. Picture MC5 bombast with Thin Lizzy dual harmony guitars, AC/DC showmanship, hooks only The Exploding Hearts could write and the down-to-earthedness of early Black Flag. Perfect band, right? Well, they’re not that band, but are pretty damn close.

Having already proven themselves as a jaw-dropping live force – a self-contained party unit – they’ve just finished up their debut LP, The Unconditional Love Of   to be released September 2014!


Brand New Adictox Cassette!

cd-adictoxAddictox are the heirs to Cuba’s first punk legacy. Bringing the party every time they take the stage, they are becoming well known as Cuba’s next generational standard bearers. Their shows are an energetic mixture of pile-ons, sing-alongs and rum chugs. Living under the shadow of Che Guevara, Adictox are revolutionizing the revolution.  -2- will be released on cassette on Teenage Rampage Records, June 15, 2014. Order on it Bandcamp!